How to Photograph Home Interiors

Client: WestView Builders, Calgary | Images by: Nader Essa


How to Photograph Home Interiors (Interior Design photography)

Pictures should tell a story of the space you are shooting. The images taken should highlight both the architectural elements of the space (rooms, flooring, paint, spacing, ….) and the finishing details (decor, furniture, color,..). It is essential to obtain wide angle images to showcase the space as a whole and at the same time it is essential to photograph in more of a vignette style.

A good idea before any shoot is to get familiar with the space itself. Identifying at the same time any elements that are of interest or that draw your attention taking into consideration any requests the designer would like to highlight. Looking at these elements or objects from different angles or perspectives will make you shoot the most captivating photographs.

Another important step in the process is lighting. I find that in the early mornings or at dusk the light becomes more mellow providing you with a more softer and balanced hue for your interior and exterior pictures leading to a more flattering ones. 

Each photographer has their unique style. I like to keep my images looking natural to highlight the real ambiance of the space. Too rich and saturated (HDR ) images can look good to some, however can be deceiving and unrealistic to many clients. Pictures too exposed with unnatural lights can also give unappealing results. The key is to highlight the hard work of the designers and make each space look captivating for their portfolio while maintaining  a realistic feel for the space.

When it comes to styling, I always keep in mind the wise words of the great designer Ludwig Mies van der Rohe that "Less is more". Clutter can make you loose your focus and make the space more confusing to the viewer. Simple and uncluttered pictures can let the viewer imagine their own story of the space.

Capturing the final image is a multitude of layers. It is the artistic combination of all of the above elements. Keep these ideas in mind next time you take interior/exterior images or hire someone to take them for you. You will definitely come out ahead!