Modern Can Breath. Modern is open. Modern leans toward simplicity. It's a complex simplicity, but it's easy on the eye - John Lyle

Modernism, a term that is loosely used today to break-away from traditional ideologies and designs in our society. This movement since the beginning of the Arts & Crafts Movement all the way into Mid 20th Century Modern, is still ever-changing and evolving while keeping the key principles in tact.

With cities everywhere filling up with technological advances and reinforcement of sustainable products, we still see one very simple and primary element that works hand in hand with modernism, that is minimalism. This entails clean lines, uncluttered spaces, simple use of color. Rooms pronounce themselves as a true form of art. The use of straight lines, geometric patterns and soft color tones are what truly accentuate the simplicity and form of a space.